2/8/18: Joint statement from Tom Malinowski and Lisa Mandelblatt | Tom Malinowski for Congress

2/8/18: Joint statement from Tom Malinowski and Lisa Mandelblatt

(Westfield, NJ) Today, we met together to discuss the future of our effort to unseat Rep. Leonard Lance and to help shift control of the House of Representatives.  We agreed to work together not only towards that end, but to advance our shared commitment to human rights, equality, and a more inclusive Democratic Party.

“Tom did not know my intentions last night. I felt it was important that this very personal decision be viewed as entirely my own. My choice to withdraw was made out of a sincere desire to see a better future for the people of this district, and that means changing our representative.  It’s my conclusion that Tom is the only person in the field who can do that. But rest assured, I’m not going anywhere, and will be very present on the campaign trail keeping him accountable to the issues that got me into this race,” stated Mandelblatt.

“I can’t thank Lisa enough for the faith she has placed in me and for the strength she showed last night — and I have made a personal and professional commitment to her that I will embody in my campaign the values she has so graciously exemplified over the last year,” said Malinowski. “No one in this field has been a stronger advocate for women’s representation in public life. I am eager to work with her to realize that goal — in the team we are building to win this race, and the issues we champion. Her guidance will be critical as we draft robust policy positions on equal pay, paid family leave, affordable childcare, and support for women’s health programs. Lisa and I share the conviction that without significant progress on these issues women can never be fully empowered to take their rightful place as equal partners in guiding our country’s politics and priorities. ”

Lisa’s decision to back Tom was based on an honest assessment of the field.  As she told the crowd at Jonathan Dayton last night, we need more women in politics and in positions of leadership at every level.  But we should not expect voters to back a candidate simply because of their gender. To win in the 7th district and nationally, we must run strong candidates, women and men, who can attract the resources and grass roots support needed to communicate with and mobilize voters. Tom’s overwhelming victory in the first open and democratic nominating convention of the primary season demonstrated that he is the one candidate capable of doing that.