End Citizens United Endorses Malinowski | Tom Malinowski for Congress

End Citizens United Endorses Malinowski

(Rocky Hill, NJ) After publicly pledging early in his campaign for Congress not to accept corporate PAC contributions, Tom Malinowski today received the endorsement of the nation’s leading campaign finance reform organization, End Citizens United.

“Voters are fed up with the way Washington does business, and they’re demanding reform,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “By rejecting corporate PAC money, Tom is taking bold steps to address the problem before he even gets to Congress. He’s showing voters that he’s listening. ECU is proud to endorse his campaign and will work to help elect him to Congress.”

“Corporate financing of our elections is a poison to our democracy that enables our elected leaders to put special interests ahead of the people they are in Congress to represent, stated Malinowski. “Leonard Lance is heavily dependent on corporations to finance his campaigns. It’s no wonder he led the charge in Congress to end Net Neutrality; a move that will lead to windfall profits for the telecom industry at the expense of his constituents here in CD7.”

Tom is committed to making campaign finance reform a prominent issue throughout this cycle and holding Lance accountable for the actions he’s taken in the service of his corporate backers. We need a new kind of leader in Washington and that starts with changing the way we elect our leaders. Tom is eager to partner with End Citizens United to ensure that the only interests he’s accountable to are yours.