Lance intentionally misleading voters on preexisting conditions | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Lance intentionally misleading voters on preexisting conditions


(Bridgewater, NJ) 

In response to the recent threats to protections for pre-existing conditions, Leonard Lance told reporters he “always favored coverage for preexisting conditions.” But Lance’s record shows otherwise, with 19 votes to entirely repeal the Affordable Care Act — including its provisions protecting coverage for preexisting conditions.

“Where in all of those votes is favoring coverage for preexisting conditions,” said Colston Reid, campaign manager for the Tom Malinowski for Congress Campaign. “Were those votes 19 mistakes? If Lance had favored coverage for preexisting conditions before 2017, then he would not have voted 19 times against protecting that coverage.”

Lance’s record is clear: he votes with Trump 90% of the time. His decision to misrepresent his record on defending coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions can’t change the fact that he failed the 300,000 residents of NJ7 with preexisting conditions.

“There’s no ambiguity here,” Reid said. “If you want to protect people with preexisting conditions you vote that way. You don’t get to vote 19 times to strip these protections and say otherwise later. Congressman Lance’s votes are the only honest way to judge him — and by that clear standard Lance fails the people he’s supposed to represent.”