Lance Cowers to GOP Leadership on DACA | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Lance Cowers to GOP Leadership on DACA


After weeks of trumpeting his support for DACA, Leonard Lance buckled under pressure from Republican leadership and voted an anti-DREAMer bill forward. Lance’s vote effectively killed the discharge petition he had claimed to support since the primary ended.

“When push comes to shove, Lance listens to extremists in the Republican party over his constituents on the issues,” Tom Malinowski said. “He was for the DACA discharge petition until party leaders told him to kill it. Yesterday constituents scared him into being pro-DREAMers, today Paul Ryan scared him into being anti-immigration.”

Lance voted to move forward a bill that would drastically cut immigration levels, restrict family-based immigration, fund Trump’s Wall, and make DREAMers second-class citizens.

“DREAMers deserve better than to be used as a political point before being discarded,” Malinowski said.