Malinowski responds to Mueller indictment of 12 Russian Officers | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Malinowski responds to Mueller indictment of 12 Russian Officers


In response to the new round of indictments from the Mueller investigation, Tom Malinowski is calling for protecting the investigation and additional safeguards for our democracy. In January of 2017, as an Assistant Secretary of State, Malinowski encouraged the U.S. Senate to launch the first investigations into Russia’s interference in the election; later, he helped blow the whistle on efforts by the Trump administration to lift sanctions on Russia.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry has worked around the clock to get to the bottom on interference in our democracy, but President Trump and his enablers in the House of Representatives continue to try to undermine the integrity and independence of our nation’s law enforcement institutions,” Malinowski said.  “House Republicans need to stop attacking the FBI and start protecting our country.”

Tom has relied on his experiences as Assistant Secretary of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor and as Senior Director for the National Security Council to write and speak on how to protect our democracy from foreign interference during the campaign.

“To protect our democracy, we must secure our voter data and election day machinery, including by requiring a paper record of all ballots cast to ensure our vote totals are accurate,” Malinowski said. “We must also work to keep dark money out of our politics by passing laws like the DISCLOSE Act and cracking down on anonymous shell companies, and step up the fight against malicious online propaganda. Congress has done virtually nothing since 2016 to act on what we know Russia did in the last election; we need a new majority in the Congress that will act.”

Tom Malinowski was the Assistant Secretary of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor in the Obama Administration, and served as a Senior Director on the National Security Council under President Bill Clinton. Over the years he has written extensively on the corrupting effects of dark money and how to better secure our elections against foreign interference.