President Barack Obama Endorses Tom Malinowski | Tom Malinowski for Congress

President Barack Obama Endorses Tom Malinowski

(Bridgewater) President Obama today announced his first wave of midterm endorsements including Tom Malinowski in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District against Republican incumbent Leonard Lance. Malinowski served as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor during President Obama’s second term.

“I’m proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democratic candidates – leaders as diverse, patriotic, and big-hearted as the America they’re running to represent,” said President Obama. “I’m confident that, together, they’ll strengthen this country we love by restoring opportunity that’s broadly shared, repairing our alliances and standing in the world, and upholding our fundamental commitment to justice, fairness, responsibility, and the rule of law. But first, they need our votes – and I’m eager to make the case for why Democratic candidates deserve our votes this fall.”

“One of the greatest honors of my life was working for a president who showed us every day the meaning of integrity, civility and seriousness of purpose, a president who tried to find common ground rather than setting Americans against each other and America against the world,” said Malinowski. “That’s the approach to politics that people in the 7th district want, and I will do all I can to bring it back to the Congress.”

While serving in the Obama administration, Malinowski oversaw America’s efforts to promote democracy around the world, to defend the human rights of women and LGBTQ people, to protect workers in our trade agreements, and to root out global corruption.  He oversaw implementation of the Magnitsky Act, which punished officials in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime for human rights abuses and corruption, as well as human rights sanctions against North Korea and Iran.