Malinowski Condemns Continued GOP War On New Jersey | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Malinowski Condemns Continued GOP War On New Jersey


On Thursday the Trump Administration declared that state charitable contributions, set up in New Jersey and New York, will not be accepted as charitable contributions by the federal government. The IRS will continue to accept similar programs in Alabama and South Carolina for full charitable deductions, with Treasury Sec. Mnuchin saying these programs supporting school choice will remain untouched…

“At this point, the GOP has given up the facade of responsible policy-making, and have openly declared their intention to attack New Jersey,” said Benji Schwartz, Malinowski campaign communications director. “The most we can expect from Leonard Lance is a press release as he continues to vote for the Republican House leadership that capped the SALT deduction in the first place.”

New Jersey tax payers already send more than $3,000 in taxes to the federal government per capita than they receive in federal expenditures, the highest deficit of any state. Due to the SALT deduction cap, which Lance’s pick for the next Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy strongly supports retaining, New Jersey had the second highest number of individuals who have seen their taxes increase under the GOP tax law.

“In New Jersey we’ve chosen to invest in the things that matter to us, like good schools and affordable healthcare, and Congressional Republicans designed their tax bill to hurt us for making those choices,” Malinowski said. “The only way to repeal that tax bill and restore the SALT deduction is to replace the Republican majority in the Congress.”


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