Fact Check: Has Lance Lowered the Cost of Healthcare? | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Fact Check: Has Lance Lowered the Cost of Healthcare?


In his first TV ad of the election cycle, Leonard Lance touted his “proven record of…making healthcare more affordable.” Check the facts for yourself.

In 2013, Lance forced the government into shutdown over his continued attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act. In 2015, Lance voted to cut “risk corridor payments,” which caused a massive spike in healthcare premiums and caused many insurance companies to stop offering plans through the marketplace.

Healthcare costs have only increased since Lance took office. From 2016-2017, Silver Plans in New Jersey had their premiums increase by an average of 16%. The result of gutting provisions in the Affordable Care Act that he voted to repeal 19 times. And let’s not forget about the Cadillac state funded healthcare plan Lance took while voting to gut your healthcare more than 60 times.

What’s worse, The Alliance for Patient Access, and independent expenditure currently sending mail to district voters calling Lance a “Medicare Champion” is a Big Pharma-funded PR effort to prevent Congress from taking action that would lower drug prices.

“Typical politician Leonard Lance is so out of touch he can delude himself into telling you healthcare costs have decreased,” said Colston Reid, Malinowski Campaign Manager. “He can’t run on his real healthcare record, so he puts out misleading ads in a desperate attempt to save his job. We need a Congressman who will actually fight for affordable healthcare by reinstating cost sharing subsidies, expanding Medicare, and helping generic drugs reach the market. That’s Tom Malinowski.”