Fact Check: Lance Voted to Make Healthcare More Affordable? | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Fact Check: Lance Voted to Make Healthcare More Affordable?


In his first TV ad of the election cycle, Leonard Lance touted his “proven record of…making healthcare more affordable.” Let’s check the facts:

Lance has boasted of his defense of those with pre-existing conditions often in this election, including in a sloppy German-language hit piece against Tom over the summer. But Lance’s record on pre-existing conditions speaks for itself.

Not only did you vote against the Affordable Care Act 32 times, you voted to repeal it 19 times, and you voted over 60 times to roll back elements of its protections, including a vote just last year rejecting a standalone provision to keep protections for pre-existing conditions in the ACA repeal bill.

“Lance has voted consistently to restore the broken health care system from before the ACA — one that disregarded the wellbeing of those with pre-existing conditions, and sought to profit off of the more than 300,000 NJ-7 residents who live with a pre-existing condition,” said Colston Reid, Malinowski Campaign Manager. “Lance is a danger to cancer patients, pregnant women, people with diabetes and asthma – anyone who relies on the ACA to keep their chronic condition from bankrupting them.”