Koch Brothers Group Backing Lance Announces Historic Union Busting Effort Against Teachers on Labor Day | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Koch Brothers Group Backing Lance Announces Historic Union Busting Effort Against Teachers on Labor Day


Today, Labor Day 2018, Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity announced a historic union busting effort against New Jersey public school teachers. Capitalizing on the recent Supreme County ruling Janus v. AFSCME, the AFP mail and radio advertisements targeting the New Jersey Education Association encourages teachers to leave the union entirely while still taking advantage of the benefits of collective bargaining.   

  The Koch-funded ad.
The Koch-funded ad.

“It’s disgraceful that, on the day we celebrate the contributions of the American labor movement, this far right, corporate-backed entity would so brazenly attack New Jersey’s teachers’ unions,” said Malinowski Political Director Mitchelle Drulis.

“New Jersey’s celebrated public school system is due in no small part to highly trained, supported, and well resourced education professionals who must be protected.”

Republican incumbent Rep. Leonard Lance enjoys the political and financial support of Koch Industries, which funnels its union busting political activism through Americans for Prosperity, founded by David Koch and Karl Rove. This year alone, Lance has received $10,000 from the Koch brothers and will be the beneficiary of AFP and KochPAC organizing efforts.

“New Jersey’s teachers are preparing the next generation to thrive in an uncertain and changing economy, yet their livelihoods are under attack,” said Malinowski. “I am committed to being their champion in Congress and will not stand by while for profit interests escalate their assault on our teacher’s right to advocate for the benefits they deserve.”


Tom Malinowski is the former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. He oversaw the State Department’s Office of International Labor Affairs, serving as the chief advocate for worker protections and provided support to trade union activists around the world. He has received the support of the New Jersey AFL-CIO and the American Federation of Teachers.