Malinowski statement on Kavanaugh hearings | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Malinowski statement on Kavanaugh hearings

To Dr. Ford and the other survivors: all I can say is I’m sorry.

That only one Republican Senator on the Judiciary Committee had the decency to say the FBI must investigate credible charges of sexual assault further before Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed is shameful.  Until Senator Flake spoke, no other Republican had the moral sense and courage to take this stance, including my opponent.

In private, and unprompted, Leonard Lance dismissed Dr. Ford’s allegations while she was requesting an FBI investigation. When confronted over his remarks, and only after a more prominent Republican gave him cover, did he signal his support for an investigation.

The blind determination of GOP leaders to rush through this nomination, without regard to the credible testimony of a survivor, refusing to hear other witnesses, rejecting reasonable requests for an FBI investigation, simply because they thought they had the votes to plow ahead, is harmful to our nation. It undermines the legitimacy of any ruling Judge Kavanaugh might make should he be confirmed, and of the Supreme Court itself. It tells survivors of sexual assault that coming forward means nothing.

There is still time to make this chapter in American history about believing survivors, and confronting the pervasiveness of sexual assault in this country. The ball is now in Senator McConnell’s and President Trump’s court. Call your representatives. Demand a full FBI-inquiry into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. And if your representatives fail you, remember that when you vote.