Lance Caught Lying on Health Care Vote | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Lance Caught Lying on Health Care Vote


During Friday’s debate on NJ12, Leonard Lance lied about his record supporting the American Health Care Act, better known as Trumpcare.

While the Congressman campaigns on his eventual no vote on the legislation in the House, Lance voted the legislation forward while in the Energy and Commerce Committee. When Tom Malinowski confronted Lance over his record, he interrupted claiming Malinowski was lying to voters, before saying:

“That’s ridiculous. We only passed amendments in the committee, we never passed the bill.”

However, on March 9th 2017, Lance can be seen clearly voting the measure forward out of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

“Lance is ashamed of his vote and now he’s lying about his record,” said Malinowski Campaign Manager Colston Reid. “He voted Trumpcare out of committee knowing it would hurt his constituents but he did it anyway, because when nobody’s looking he’s as partisan as they come.”