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Malinowski Releases ‘60 Times’


Today, Tom Malinowski released ‘60 Times,’ highlighting the years long pattern of votes by Congressman Lance to gut affordable healthcare. Leonard Lance voted to move ACA repeal forward while in the Energy and Commerce Committee, and took more than 60 separate votes to make healthcare more expensive, remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and allow insurers to charge older Americans more.

Lance was caught lying in a recent News12 debate claiming he never voted to advance health care repeal out of committee. However, on March 9th 2017, Lance can be seen clearly voting the measure forward out of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

“Advancing the bill out of committee was the only vote that mattered. Lance understood, as any Congressman would, that if the bill reached the floor it would pass, no matter how he voted on it when it got there,” said Malinowski Campaign Manager Colston Reid.  “He was partisan when it mattered, and independent when it didn’t. That’s not leadership. That’s a con job, and his constituents deserve better.”

Lance has also been caught scrubbing healthcare repeal language off his current website, and just yesterday put his name on a symbolic resolution favoring safeguards for pre-existing condition protections that does precisely nothing, but was co-sponsored largely by Republicans with tight re-election campaigns.

“Lance cast vote after vote to make healthcare less accessible and more expensive for his constituents. He’s afraid of losing his seat so now he’s lying about it and we’re exposing that,” said Malinowski Communications Director Benji Schwartz.

Watch ‘60 Times’ below: