Former Clinton Councilman Dan Shea Endorses Tom Malinowski | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Former Clinton Councilman Dan Shea Endorses Tom Malinowski


(Clinton, NJ) Former Clinton Councilman Dan Shea announced his support for Tom Malinowski over incumbent Republican Rep. Leonard Lance in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. Shea was elected as a Republican.

“As a former Council member I was elected as a Republican,” Shea said. “But as a citizen I am appalled by the lack of Republican courage to stand up to the Trump policies and rhetoric. We need to change the balance of party power in Congress, and so I wholeheartedly support Tom Malinowski over Leonard Lance.”

“I am honored to have Councilman Shea’s support,” said Malinowski. “Defending democracy is a call-to-action to all of us, whether we’re Democrats, Republicans or Independents.  I look forward to working together to bring out the best in New Jersey. Thank you Councilman Shea for extending your hand.”

Tom Malinowski was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor with unanimous support from the U.S. Senate and was introduced at his confirmation hearing by Senator John McCain, with whom he partnered in the fight to ban torture and advance human rights around the world.