Malinowski Releases ‘Reject Fear’ | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Malinowski Releases ‘Reject Fear’

They want you to be afraid. Afraid of your neighbors. Afraid of change. The Super PAC supporting Congressional Republicans has been selling fear all over the country for more than a year. And NJ-07 has not been spared from their fear mongering.

Since August, voters have received more than $3 million in advertising telling them to be afraid of Tom Malinowski. “Your wallet’s not safe, and neither are you,” says one ad. He “lobbied for terrorist rights,” say others, with Tom silhouetted by turbaned men waving assault rifles, adrift in a flaming sea of ammunition, with a looming cartoon Osama Bin Laden head.

Those ads received 4 pinocchios from the Washington Post and widespread condemnation.

Tom Malinowski led the fight with Senator John McCain to ban torture — an effort they won with overwhelming bipartisan support. Leonard Lance and Congressional Republicans now call him a defender of terrorists.

“The fear mongering has to stop. The Republican Congress stripped New Jersey taxpayers of their SALT deduction, they withheld Gateway funding, they are intentionally targeting New Jersey, and Leonard Lance won’t change that. They want you afraid to keep you distracted, said Malinowski Communications Dir. Benji Schwartz. “If we’re going to start getting things done in Washington, we have to choose to reject fear.”