Malinowski Releases ‘Good Life’ | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Malinowski Releases ‘Good Life’


Coming on the heels of recent reports that the Republican tax bill has already increased the national deficit by 17%, Tom Malinowski releases ‘Good Life.’ Malinowski, an immigrant from Communist Poland, raised in New Jersey since age 6, recalls growing up middle class, when New Jersey was a more affordable place to live.

The Republican Congress is using New Jersey taxpayers to fund their corporate tax cuts. They’ve taken our SALT deduction and now they want to gut Medicare to pay for their deficit.

Tom thinks it’s time to do things differently in New Jersey. He spent his career working with Republicans and Democrats to defend American values and keep our country safe.

“It’s time to get things done in Congress for New Jersey’s middle class. Funding the Gateway Tunnel, affordable healthcare, and real middle class tax relief are achievable, but we need a Congress and a Congressman willing to fight for them,” said Malinowski.

Watch the spot below: