Malinowski Statement on Support of Congresswoman Pelosi as Speaker of the House | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Malinowski Statement on Support of Congresswoman Pelosi as Speaker of the House


I have decided to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

During the campaign, I said I would make this decision only after the election and after consulting with my constituents, and that I would only support a speaker who would help me deliver for New Jersey.

In recent days, I have spoken with Congresswoman Pelosi about the needs of our state, and I believe that she shares our fundamental concerns.  For example, she has told me that she will support taking action next year to address the SALT deduction issue, and to ensure that the federal government keeps its promise to help fund the Gateway Tunnel project.

I have also heard from many voters in the district, including at a public meeting Wednesday night, who have urged me to support Congresswoman Pelosi, and from others across the state, including over 120 New Jersey women leaders who have endorsed her candidacy.

My decision is influenced by larger concerns that inspired me to run for Congress.  This is pivotal moment in our history. Americans are dangerously divided. We have a president who disdains and seeks to undermine the most sacred norms of our democracy.  Democrats have won nothing more than a fragile foothold in one House of Congress, from which we must try to apply checks and balances, and to deliver for voters who are losing hope that Congress can deliver anything.

We must get to work from day one to pass bills that can unite sensible, patriotic Americans of both parties, on issues like health care costs, infrastructure, fighting corruption, and gun safety — while exercising oversight in a disciplined way where the rule of law and our country’s ideals demand it.  A long, bitter and divisive leadership fight is the last thing we need at this moment of national crisis. We must show results as quickly as possible, with unity and shared purpose. Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated time and again that she can unify our diverse Democratic caucus and negotiate with the other side to get results. That is what we need right now.

At the same time, those who argue that our party should start a transition to new leadership deserve our attention and respect.  Over the next two years, we should empower younger members to speak for us, and begin an open process to identify the next generation of House leaders.  But first, let’s focus on the job we were elected to do, with a leader who has proven that she knows how to do it.