Kean Silent as Trump Blatantly Lies to New Jersey Taxpayers | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Kean Silent as Trump Blatantly Lies to New Jersey Taxpayers

NJ07 Residents Suffering Financially After Loss of State and Local Deductibility 

WILDWOOD, NJ – At his rally in Wildwood last night, Trump boasted to a crowd of New Jersey taxpayers that “no one has ever cut taxes like this!” — despite having signed a tax bill that eliminated the SALT deduction and cost New Jersey taxpayers dearly. State Senator Tom Kean, who attended the rally in a show of fealty to his president, has been notably silent.

The blatant lie follows a report this month that found New Jersey taxpayers were dead last in the country in the money we get back for the tax dollars we send to Washington, and that the SALT repeal pushed by Trump and Congressional Republicans to pay for corporate tax giveaways  has made the dire situation even worse.

“While I’ve been fighting relentlessly to restore our SALT deduction, Trump and Congressional Republicans have put up roadblocks at every turn and now they’re lying to our faces about it,” said Malinowski. “The Democratic House has voted to give us back our deductions, and the last thing New Jersey needs now is to give Congress back to the people who voted to take them away in 2017.”

The SALT deduction was a central focus of Congressman Malinowski’s 2018 campaign and he has been a leading voice on the issue in the House of Representatives, which voted to fully restore the deduction in December. President Trump has threatened to veto the legislation.