Kean Silent as Trump's Corrupt Pardons Meet Bipartisan Condemnation | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Kean Silent as Trump’s Corrupt Pardons Meet Bipartisan Condemnation

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Just yesterday President Trump pardoned a governor convicted of selling a senate seat, a Wall Street financier known as the “junk bond king”, a billionaire convicted of concealing extortion, and a healthcare executive who defrauded medicare to the tune of over $200 million dollars, among others; many of whom had pledged him their political support or even contributed to his political campaign.

And while Trump’s latest attack on the rule of law and blatant contempt for law enforcement has been met with bipartisan condemnation, New Jersey’s highest ranking Republican, Senator Tom Kean, Jr., has been predictably silent. 

“20 years of sleazy Trenton politics has taught Tom Kean that turning a blind eye to corruption is the quickest path to political power,” said Malinowski Campaign Manager, Daniel Fleiss. “Donald Trump sees himself in the criminals he pardoned yesterday. The question for Senator Kean is does he see himself in Donald Trump?”