Kean Embraces Anti-SALT Ad | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Kean Embraces Anti-SALT Ad

(Bridgewater, NJ) — In an ad released last week, the Republican dark money group Congressional Leadership Fund attacked Congressman Tom Malinowski… for his work to lower taxes for New Jersey homeowners.

Citing Malinowski’s opposition to the 2017 Republican tax bill, the ad claims he “opposed the middle tax cuts that saved families thousands.” The problem is the law did just the opposite, tearing away the SALT deduction that middle-class New Jerseyans depend on, and raising taxes on homeowners, all to pay for tax giveaways to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

In 2018, Malinowski made fully restoring the SALT deduction a central issue of his campaign. A year later, he led the successful bipartisan effort in the House to do just that

Now, the same Washington Republicans responsible for taking the deduction away are flooding the airwaves with millions of dollars of dark-money ads, and Tom Kean, Jr. is promoting their message to supporters as a “much watch.” Architect of the SALT repeal, Paul Ryan, headlined a fundraiser for Kean just weeks ago. And Mitch McConnell, who continues to block SALT legislation in the Senate, sent an email fundraising for Kean in April. Their goal is to regain the House majority that they lost in 2018, which they will use to keep their promise to make the 2017 tax bill permanent.

“Tom Malinowski led the bipartisan effort in the House to restore our SALT deduction. Meanwhile, the same DC insiders who tore it away are bankrolling Kean in hopes of getting back control of the House,” said Malinowski Campaign Manager Daniel Fleiss. “Tom was right in 2018–’New Jersey is getting screwed’ by the Washington Republicans who raised our taxes to pay for corporate giveaways. We are not going to give them the power to screw us again.”