Republican officials across NJ-7 urge NRCC to withdraw ad | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Republican officials across NJ-7 urge NRCC to withdraw ad

Current and former Republican elected officials from across NJ-7 released the following statement on the NRCC’s latest attack ad:

“As current and former Republican elected officials, we urge the National Republican Congressional Committee to withdraw its ad suggesting that Congressman Malinowski somehow supports sex offenders. 

The accusation is false. What’s more, the ad plays into and amplifies a dangerous current of fear in our politics, which is turning Americans against one another and distracting us from the real challenges our country faces.

Whichever candidate one supports in the 7th District Congressional race, there should be agreement that the debate should be based on facts and focus on issues. We want to hear where the candidates stand and how they differ on important issues like the economy, health care, the environment, public safety, and national security. We call on the candidates and all outside groups to campaign in that spirit.”

Mayor Richard Wolfe, East Amwell
Mayor Rob Greenbaum, Mount Olive
Councilwoman Betty Anne Fort, Readington
Former Mayor William Muller, Peapack-Gladstone
Former Mayor Michelle Garay, Alexandria
Former Mayor Nick Corcodilos, Clinton Twp