Statement on Judge Barrett Nomination to the Supreme Court | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Statement on Judge Barrett Nomination to the Supreme Court

“The President’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court confirms what many have long feared: the Republican party is now fully and openly committed to kicking millions of Americans off their healthcare in the middle of a global pandemic, and to taking away a woman’s right to choose. 

A Supreme Court with Judge Barrett in place of Justice Ginsburg will almost certainly overturn the Affordable Care act and Roe vs. Wade. Affordable health care for millions of Americans, especially those with preexisting conditions, as well as the gains women have made in our country over the last 40 years, will depend on electing members of Congress and a President who will protect what the Supreme Court will soon try to take away.

I believe, as do most Americans, that the president elected on November 3rd should choose Justice Ginsburg’s replacement, and that Senators should focus first on helping Americans suffering from the current economic crisis. But Republicans seem set on disregarding their own precedent by rushing this confirmation before the election. 

Mitch McConnell may have the votes to do this in the Senate. But the votes that matter will be cast by us in November. And so it is up to us to spend the next five weeks fighting like hell for a Congress that will defend our rights. That means speaking with friends and family, making calls, and voting in record numbers. If this President and Senate will not, we must–and we will–elect leaders who advance the values and priorities of the vast majority of Americans.”