Kean Endorses Malinowski SALT Restoration Bill | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Kean Endorses Malinowski SALT Restoration Bill

(Bridgewater, NJ) — Asked at Saturday’s candidate forum about restoring our SALT deduction, Tom Kean Jr. posed a question: “Who’s going to go down to Washington DC, be the bipartisan leader… and actually solve this issue?” Maybe he missed the news, but the answer is already Tom Malinowski.

In 2018, Malinowski made fully restoring the SALT deduction a central issue of his campaign. In his first year in Congress he delivered, leading debate on the floor of the House and successfully passing a bipartisan bill to do just that. 

But while Tom Malinowski has fought to get our SALT deduction back, the top Washington Republicans opposing his work have bankrolled Kean’s campaign. Now, Malinowski’s bipartisan legislation to restore SALT is being held up in the Senate by Mitch McConnell, who’s been raising money for Kean while blocking relief for us. And a dark money super PAC run by Kevin McCarthy is attacking Malinowski for his opposition to the 2017 SALT repeal–a message Kean has promoted as a “must watch.”

“Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell talk about this all the time — they call this a ‘blue state bailout’,” Congressman Malinowski said at the debate. “And that’s why this is so existential to New Jersey — we either get a Senate that will do this for us, or we return the House to the people who hurt us.”

When they cast their ballots, voters will likely be asking themselves who will reach across the aisle to restore our SALT deduction. Unfortunately for Tom Kean, the answer is already his opponent.