House Republicans Overwhelmingly Condemn Conspiracy Movement QAnon | Tom Malinowski for Congress

House Republicans Overwhelmingly Condemn Conspiracy Movement QAnon

Washington DC – Earlier today 146 House Republicans voted in favor of Rep. Malinowski’s bipartisan legislation condemning QAnon and their deranged conspiracy theories that the Republican National Congressional Committee have been peddling in an effort to scare voters. 

For months the NRCC has mounted an aggressive and coordinated effort to portray democrats around the country as supporting pedophiles and sex offenders. An effort Tom Kean Jr. has embraced here. Their attacks are then quickly disseminated by Q extremists who believe that “powerful democrats” and “global elites” are engaged in rampant child sex trafficking that only President Trump can stop. Instead of expressing shame that an extremist group is promoting their message, Republican campaigns, including Kean’s, then double down on their claims. 

As late as yesterday senior Kean campaign staff were retweeting these widely condemned and discredited attacks. Kean himself refuses to refute the RNCC’s assertions that the Congressman must, “live with the consequences of his actions,” in response to recent death threats resulting from Kean’s dog whistle to Q adherents. 

“Today lawmakers from both sides of the aisle resoundingly affirmed that conspiracy movements, misinformation campaigns, and anti-Semitic groups have no place in our politics,” said Malinowski Campaign Manager Daniel Fleiss. “Congressman Malinowski will continue to work with responsible members of the Republican Party to confront this kind of extremism. Kean is working with the arsonists in his party to amplify it.”