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Tom Kean Jr – Too Weak for Too Long

(Basking Ridge, NJ) After running for higher office three times in the last twenty years, Tom Kean Jr. has proven over and over that he has been too weak for too long to stand up for New Jersey’s 7th District. 2020’s Mr. Bipartisan is now 2022’s Mr. Tough Guy and voters aren’t buying it.

Tom Kean Jr. in 2020: “The person that’s going to go down there [to Washington] has to be the person with a long history of reaching across the aisle,” Kean Jr. mumbled during a 2020 NJ Globe Debate. 

In Kean’s 2020 campaign spot, “Courage”, he states: “We need leaders who have the courage to reach across party lines. I’ve done it in Trenton. I’ll do it in Washington.

Tom Kean Jr. in 2022 in a campaign ad with blaring bad metal guitar riffs: “Are you ready to take on the progressives, the Pelosi puppets?

Bipartisan was Kean’s favorite buzzword in 2020, committing to work with a president from either party. But in 2022 the winds have shifted, and so has Junior; kicking off his campaign with a leading insurrectionist, defaming New Jersey elementary school teachers on Fox News, and early investments in TV and mail making clear that Junior is running scared to the right.  

Tom Kean Jr. regularly reminds us he is the son of a beloved former governor, and claims to have spent 20 years in Trenton working to seek bipartisan solutions. But this year, Kean has calculated that the political winds have shifted – so he will abandon his family’s legacy and pander to Washington Republicans.

“Tom Kean Jr. stands for nothing. We can’t trust a candidate who changes positions because a powerful politician tells him to. In these unsettled times, voters want leaders with courage and strength to bring us together. With Tom Kean Jr. all they get is weakness and chaos. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that Tom Kean, Jr. has been too weak for too long.” said Communications Director Naree Ketudat.