Majority of Republicans Reject Tom Kean Jr. | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Majority of Republicans Reject Tom Kean Jr. 

(Basking Ridge, NJ) In response to Tom Kean Jr.’s primary night showing, Tom Malinowski for Congress released the following statement. 

“Tom Kean Jr. had every advantage going into his primary – he was the Republican nominee in 2020, and had the endorsement of all 6 county republican organizations, the New Jersey GOP and national Republican Party, a campaign war chest 10 times that of his opponents, 20 years in Trenton, and all the benefits of being the highest ranking elected Republican in New Jersey. Yet a majority of Republican primary voters chose someone other than him. 

Republican voters don’t like Tom Kean Jr. because they see his pandering as phony and unprincipled. MAGA voters don’t buy his tough guy ads and supplication to Trump while moderates think he’s a coward for trying. Kean’s lack of true north is one reason why middle of the road Republican leaders from New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District announced yesterday that they are forming a new Moderate Party and backing Tom Malinowski for Congress. 

Republican voters don’t like Tom Kean Jr. because they know he is not one of them. He’s a wealthy, legacy politician who hasn’t had a full time job in 25 years, and supports his family off of three trust funds established for him by his father. He believes he is entitled to a Congressional seat, but can’t explain what he will do with it.

Republican voters don’t like Tom Kean Jr. because they’ve seen that they can do better. Kean’s opponents debated each other, held regular public meetings and campaign events, engaged with the press, and were transparent with the voters about their positions on the important issues of the day. Kean hid; refusing to debate, take positions on anything, or talk to any press but Fox News. In 20 years as a state senator he has never held a public town hall. 

A majority of Republican voters chose someone other than Kean last night. Meanwhile, Tom Malinowski has united Democrats while attracting Republican and unaffiliated voters who want strong, principled representation in Washington and a Congressman who actually talks to them in New Jersey.”