Tom Malinowski Rounds Out Q2 with over $1.28 Million | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Tom Malinowski Rounds Out Q2 with over $1.28 Million

(Basking Ridge, NJ) In the second quarter of 2022, Tom Malinowski raised over $1.28 million in his bid for re-election, bringing the campaign’s cash-on-hand to over $4.2 million! This massive effort was achieved without accepting a penny from corporate PACs – unlike Republican candidate, Tom Kean Jr., who continues to accept money from corporations, including ones he personally owns stock in. To date, Malinowski has outraised Kean Jr. every quarter since spring of 2019.

“Tom Malinowski is putting in the hard work, knocking on doors, holding public town halls, and bringing our community together amid this dark moment in American history,” said Communications Director Naree Ketudat. “Trust fund Tom Kean Jr. is hiding behind his bizarre Twitter feed and family name, hoping voters don’t realize how badly out of touch he is with New Jersey middle class values.”