Tom Kean Jr. Against Lowering the Cost of Living for New Jersey Families | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Tom Kean Jr. Against Lowering the Cost of Living for New Jersey Families

(Basking Ridge, NJ) This week, Tom Kean Jr. came out of hiding to oppose the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and its measures to reduce cost of living for middle class New Jerseyans. The overwhelming majority of Americans support the IRA’s provisions to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and America’s leading 126 economists have said that by reducing the federal deficit, it will lower inflation.

By opposing the Inflation Reduction Act, Kean is telling voters that he opposes:

• Letting Medicare negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices, a policy 77% of New Jerseyans support;

• Capping out of pocket drug costs for seniors at $2,000 a year, and ensuring that no senior on Medicare pays more than $35 a month for insulin;

• Extending Affordable Care Act subsidies that are saving the typical New Jersey family with an ACA plan hundreds of dollars a month;

• Lowering the cost of clean American energy, so that New Jerseyans can afford it and so that our country, not China, dominates the technology of the future;

• Requiring corporations like Amazon and FedEx to pay more than zero taxes for the infrastructure and national defense they benefit from.

Tom Malinowski supports actually doing something to lower everyday costs for New Jerseyans and to fight inflation. Tom Kean. Jr., who has proposed no alternative policies, does not. It’s as simple as that.

“Tom Kean Jr. would rather protect Amazon from paying taxes than to protect seniors from the highest prescription drug prices in the world, or to keep health care affordable for middle class families,” said Malinowski“Meanwhile, I’m delivering legislation that will actually lower costs for New Jerseyans. He’d rather run on the problem of inflation. I’m focused on solving it.”