Tom Malinowski for Congress Releases First Ad of the 2022 Election Cycle, “Bullies” | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Tom Malinowski for Congress Releases First Ad of the 2022 Election Cycle, “Bullies”

(Basking Ridge, NJ) Today, Tom Malinowski for Congress released its first television ad of the 2022 election cycle. Joined by his mother, Joanna, “Bullies” highlights Tom’s story of emigrating from communist Poland and how it influenced his long history of standing up to bullies like dictators, corporate donors, and GOP extremists. The 30-second spot emphasizes Tom’s fight to take on Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Corporate PACs – all entities Tom Kean Jr. prioritizes over New Jersey families as he takes their campaign donations.

“Bullies are power-hungry extremists who kick and rip-off Americans while they are down,” said Campaign Manager, Brooke Zindulka. “Tom Malinowski is a leader New Jerseyans can depend on to have their backs and who will fight relentlessly against those taking advantage of them. During his 20-year term as a Trenton politician, Tom Kean Jr. has taken votes that actively hurt New Jersey families and communities – that’s why Tom and our team of dedicated supporters are putting in the work to keep bullies like him out of power. “

Watch the ad here and read the transcript below.
MALINOWSKI: My mother’s strong. She brought us here from Communist Poland because she

hated people with power bullying people without.
I became an Assistant Secretary of State standing up to dictators like Putin.
I’m still taking on bullies.
I refuse Corporate PAC money because I work for you – not them.
I’m going after Big Oil over gas price gouging and drug companies to lower costs for seniors. I’m Tom Malinowski.

JOANNA: And I’m Joanna.
MALINOWSKI: And bullies anywhere are why we approve this message.