Tom Malinowski for Congress Releases “That Simple” | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Tom Malinowski for Congress Releases “That Simple”

(Basking Ridge, NJ) With less than two weeks to go before election day, Tom Malinowski for Congress released “That Simple.” The ad is a simple and stark reminder of Kean Jr.’s 20 years of failure in Trenton, and his unending embrace of the MAGA agenda that would follow him to Washington. From voting against property tax relief and lower prescription drug costs, to voting on his final day in the State Senate against a woman’s right to choose, Kean Jr. has a 20 year record of being out of step with the people he aims to represent. Watch the full ad here or read the transcript below.

“Tom Kean Jr.’s 20-year record in Trenton is a record of failure and it won’t change in Washington. He will increase your cost of living, side with Big Pharma, and take away a woman’s right to choose,” said Campaign Manager Brooke Zindulka. “The facts are simple and the choice is really simple. Tom Kean Jr. is for MAGA. Tom Malinowski is for New Jersey.”

Annc: Tom Kean Jr. Twenty years in Trenton. Twenty years of failure.

We paid the price.

Kean voted against middle class property tax relief. Against lower prescription costs for seniors. Against a woman’s right to choose.

It’s that simple.

Now, Kean’s bragging he’s with Trump – no matter what.


Tom Kean Jr. Higher costs. Fewer rights. More MAGA.

Makes your decision… really simple.