Tom Malinowski Calls on Tom Kean Jr. to Take Down Video Pledging to “Hammer” Political Opponents | Tom Malinowski for Congress

Tom Malinowski Calls on Tom Kean Jr. to Take Down Video Pledging to “Hammer” Political Opponents

(Basking Ridge, NJ) Following the horrific assault with a hammer by a MAGA supporter on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, Tom Malinowski is calling on Tom Kean Jr. to take down a campaign video in which he promises to “hammer” Democratic leaders, and to condemn those who promote the extremist ideologies and election lies that lead to political violence.

In Tom Kean Jr.’s ad, “Are You Ready,” he says he will “hammer the tax and spend radicals,” as images of Democrats, including President Biden and Speaker Pelosi, appear on the screen. This ad is still live on Tom Kean Jr.’s digital platforms.

Yesterday, the U.S. Capitol Police issued a statement urging “people across our country to lower the temperature on political rhetoric before it’s too late.” Yet instead of condemning an attempt to kill the Speaker of the House and her husband, many Republican leaders have made fun of the victim or spread disinformation about the attack that their followers are spreading on social media.

Read a statement from Tom Malinowski below. 

“The attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband, like the assault on the Capitol on January 6th, was not a random criminal act. These things are happening in our country because of hatred and lies spread by politicians, which then inspire acts of violence. The American people are tired of this. They want us not just to condemn the violence but to stop spewing the poison that causes it — whether lies about the election or violent rhetoric directed at political opponents.

I have no doubt that Tom Kean Jr. disapproves of smashing Nancy Pelosi’s head with a hammer. But he’s spent this entire campaign playing to the people who do approve of it, including by putting out a video in which he literally pledges to hammer Democrats like Pelosi. He has endorsed an election-denier for Speaker of the House, and has refused to condemn the ascendant MAGA leaders who are dragging his party towards extremism. In fact, he pledged to have former President Trump’s back “no matter what.”

I would not want the votes of anyone who supports or makes light of threats against political leaders in our country, whether directed at Speaker Pelosi, or Joe Biden, or Steve Scalise, or Justice Kavanaugh. Tom Kean Jr. would rather risk more violence than risk a single vote. He has five days to prove me wrong.”