Hunterdon Review endorsement: "Vote for Malinowski"


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During the past two years, Congressman Leonard Lance, R-7, has stood up publicly against President Trump more than any other Republican in the House of Representatives.

Lance became a darling of the cable networks for continuing to hold regular town halls to answer questions from angry constituents about GOP efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act and enact an unfair tax law designed to punish New Jersey and other “blue states.”

Lance is principled, thoughtful and often courageous, and we have endorsed him in both the primary and in the general election every time he has run for office.

But not this year – not with an erratic, vindictive and unstable President in the White House who is enabled and supported by the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress on policies that undermine our democratic institutions and values, weaken our country and treat states like New Jersey as the enemy.

New Jersey’s future – and our nation’s future – depends on electing a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives with the political clout to negotiate from a position of strength with the President and with a right-wing Senate GOP majority that is likely to remain in control after the election.

The Gateway Project, which would replace the Sandy-damaged rail tunnels, double rail capacity, and finally provide a one-seat ride for commuters on the Raritan Valley Line and greatly aid all commuters in the district, is the most important economic development project in our state.

President Trump and the Republican Congress have blocked Gateway for two years, even with Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-11, serving as House Appropriations Committee chair, and it will likely only be funded if Democrats win the House and make Gateway funding a requirement in next year’s budget negotiations.

Lance’s presence in Congress will not make any more difference to the future of Gateway than his opposition did to the Republican tax bill’s virtual elimination of the SALT deduction for state and local taxes that was designed by the red state GOP majority to hurt the economies of New Jersey, New York. and California.

Nor can Lance persuade his Republican colleagues to walk a middle line on health care, immigration reform or any other policies that are so important to the people of New Jersey and the nation.

We urge residents of New Jersey’s Seventh Congressional District, which includes all of Hunterdon County, to join Republicans like Peapack-Gladstone Mayor Bill Muller and Alexandria Mayor Michelle Garay in recognizing that the interests of their towns and of New Jersey require the election of Democrat Tom Malinowski to replace Lance in Congress.

A former Assistant Secretary of State under President Obama, Malinowski partnered with the late Senator John McCain in a bipartisan effort to pass the Detainee Refugee Act, which ended the practice of torturing prisoners. Previously, he had served as Senior Director of the National Security Council under President Clinton and as the Washington Director for Human Rights Watch. Unlike most new members of Congress, he knows how Washington works and is prepared to hit the ground running.

Malinowski’s top priorities include health care reform, construction of the Gateway Tunnel and other infrastructure investment, immigration reform and environmental protection. As part of a new Democratic House majority, he would have a better chance to make a real difference than Leonard Lance.

We endorse Tom Malinowski for election to Congress from the 7th District.

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