Commuter Infrastructure


Millions of New Jerseyans use our roads and rail lines to get to work every day; our economy depends on keeping these arteries state-of-the-art, as well as on improving the air and sea ports that make our state a hub of national and global commerce.

Allowing our infrastructure to fall into disrepair increases our commute times and costs, and endangers our economic future.

As a member of Congress, I will have no more urgent priority than securing the investments we need to build and maintain the roads, bridges, railways and tunnels that New Jersey and America need to preserve our quality of life and competitiveness.

In particular, we need to fund the Gateway project. This tunnel is vital for the economic well-being of the 7th district and our region, and should be viewed as an economic and national security priority by the federal government.  I will work with Democrats and Republicans in Congress who know that critical infrastructure is a non-partisan issue to ensure that Washington keeps its commitment to fund Gateway.  And if the Trump administration refuses to do its part, I will fight to hold up funding for its highest priorities until it relents.

I will also work to obtain the resources and political commitments required to allow commuters using the Raritan Valley Line to ride into NYC without having to change trains, and to extend it further into the 7th district. Time spent commuting is a cost of living, whether it means buying food each night rather than cooking dinner, or having to spend more money to make sure someone is watching your kids, or simply the loss of time relaxing with our families.