The American people are being taken advantage of – by powerful special interests, including foreign interests, who are threatening our prosperity and our security.

Our lax rules against corruption allow corporate lobbyists to bend government to their will, politicians to profit from public service, and hostile foreign leaders to undermine our democracy. We have seen this under Scott Pruitt’s polluter-friendly Environmental Protection Agency. We saw how influence peddlers for foreign countries were allowed to run the 2016 Republican presidential campaign – without disclosing their foreign task-masters. We see corruption driving up the cost of everything from real estate, to our utility bills to our national defenses. The next Congress must act to restore trust in our institutions, protect our democracy, and take the fight for clean and honest government to the foreign autocrats and kleptocrats who threaten our country.

Unlike Congressman Lance, I have pledged not to take campaign contributions from corporate PACs.  I strongly support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen United, making clear that corporations are not people and do not have a right to spend unlimited funds to elect the candidates of their choice. And I would work to pass the bipartisan DISCLOSE Act, to require outside groups like the NRA trying to influence elections to report their contributors and their spending.

Whether you’re a drug trafficker laundering your profits, or a Russian oligarch making secret campaign contributions, or the president’s lawyer paying off a porn star, you should not be able to hide your tracks by establishing an anonymously owned company on American soil. When I was at the State Department, I urged the Congress to pass a bill requiring disclosure of the true owners of companies registered in the United States. As a member of Congress, I’ll work to ensure that happens.

As a candidate, I am maintaining an archive on this website containing every ad I run online so that everyone can see them, not just those targeted by the ads.  In Congress, I’ll support the Honest Ads Act, to require online companies to keep a public registry of political ads and to disclose who pays for them, and a law to prevent online “bots” from impersonating human beings.

I support codifying ethics rules enforced by past administrations -- to prevent conflicts of interest and forbid former special interest lobbyists from regulating the industries they served. I believe presidents should be required to fully divest themselves of profit-making businesses, to disclose their tax returns, and to abide by the same rules as other government officials.