Tom Kean never stands up | Tom Malinowski for Congress
He won't stand up to a violent insurrection. He never stands up for us.

Kean has “shown no independence from President Trump. He’s endorsed Trump, he attended his rally in Wildwood…and he hasn’t offered a peep of protest over Trump’s statements and actions” –The Star-Ledger, 9/20/20

doesn't know how to lead too hapless to even follow
  • Many prominent New Jersey and national Republican leaders have condemned the radical right’s defense of the insurrection.
  • Christine Todd Whitman, Mitt Romney, Leonard Lance, Lisa Murkowski, Chris Christie, Mitch McConnell and many more denounced the claim that January 6th was ‘legitimate political discourse.’
  • “But Tom Kean, Jr…has remained silent. Kean…did not respond to three days of requests for comment.”¹

Image – New Jersey Globe  1. 2/10/22

Tom Malinowski
He stood up to dictators. He's standing up for us.

“It’s hard to find a member of Congress better suited to serve the country than Representative Tom Malinowski, a former diplomat who has promoted human rights and democratic values around the world. In a time of rising extremism, Mr. Malinowski…helped restore essential funding to fight domestic terrorism.” –The New York Times, 10/20/20

While Tom Kean is hiding, Tom Malinowski is delivering infrastructure money to New Jersey, passing legislation to fix supply chains and fight inflation, and leading the Congressional response to crises from Ukraine to Afghanistan.

No Corporate PAC Money.
Tom Malinowski is always for us.

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