Malinowski Raises Over $2.2 Million in the Third Quarter


Tom Malinowski finished the third fundraising quarter of 2018 with $2,260,000 raised and over $900,000 cash on hand. That’s over $4.5 million raised for the cycle to date.

“We are so grateful for the enthusiastic support this campaign has received,” said Malinowski. “Every day we want to honor the investment so many hard working people have made in us. This campaign is fueled by individual contributors eager to flip the house and we’re not going to let them down.”

Malinowski has received the endorsement of End Citizens United, and has pledged not to take Corporate PAC contributions. Last week he led an effort with fellow Democratic challengers to pressure current members of Congress to take up reform measures that would keep corporate money out of politics.


Malinowski’s opponent, Leonard Lance, is heavily dependent on corporate money to fund his re-election bids, accepting over $3 million from corporate PACs over the course of his career.

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