How to Vote by Mail

ballot envelope.jpg

Your ballot may come in an envelope like the one above, and will be emblazoned with the blue logo designating it as official election mail.

How to Vote By Mail

As soon as your ballot arrives in the mail, you should complete and return it the same day!

  1. Fully complete your ballot, marking votes for all candidates and ballot questions.

  2. Place the ballot in the small certification envelope by printing your name and home address, and signing on the dotted line.

    1. Not fully completing the certification envelope is the number one reason that ballots are rejected in NJ.

    2. Do not detach the flap of the certification envelope.

  3. Place the completed certification envelope into the larger envelope and seal.

  4. Add postage, and mail to the Board of Elections at the pre-printed address.

Ballots must be postmarked no later than Election Day, November 6, and received by the Board of Elections by November 8, OR they can be hand-delivered to the Board of Elections in your county by 8 PM on Election Day.


  • When will I receive my ballot?
    The first wave of ballots will be mailed 9/22.  Ballots requested after that will be mailed weekly on a rolling basis.  You should receive your ballot within 14 days of having requested.

  • Is postage on the return envelope paid for?
    You will need to supply postage to return your ballot.

  • Can I vote in person instead?
    If you vote in-person on Election Day, you will have to complete a paper provisional ballot instead of voting on the machine. The Board of Elections will verify you haven’t voted twice and will then count your vote. The easiest way to vote is to vote by mail now!


Anyone who applied to vote by mail or voted by mail in the 2016 general election will automatically receive all future ballots by mail unless they send written notification to their County Clerk to opt-out of voting by mail. This means that some people might be voting by mail but not know it yet!